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Angelos Panayides

Angelos Panayides

Angelos graduated the University of the West of England, obtaining a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design and an MA in Interactive Media-Video and Sound Arts. Previously he has studied Graphic and Advertising design at Frederick Institute of Technology on a full scholarship achieving the highest average score in his class. He has worked in the Post-Production for BBDO-Telia & Pavla, advertising agency in Cyprus and he is the founder of Think Positive New Media where he has been Art Director.
Moreover, he worked as full time Special Teaching Staff at the Department of Applied Arts at Frederick Institute of Technology. He is an active member of Semiotics and Visual Communications Lab and a founding member of the Cyprus Semiotics Association. He is also a founding member and the current secretary of Cyprus Graphic Design & Illustration Association and a member of the ADC*E (Art Directors Club of Europe).
He has participated in several international design exhibitions and biennials and his work has been acknowledged in various publications both locally and internationally. He has also participated in several local and international judging committees such as the ADC*E (Art Directors Club of Europe) on disciplines of Promotions & New Media and Digital.
His research interests focus also on illustration, collage, print and the use of digital media as alternative means of expression in contemporary art.

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