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Matera European Photography and Matera Diffusa, together with Canon Europe, are committed in the project Matera European Photography / Visions from Europe, an international even that unites the iconographical knowledge and distribution of our places, an original and contemporary vision of Matera and Basilicata. With the subscription of a protocol with the Fondazione Matera - Basilicata 2019, the project Matera European Photography / Visions from Europe enters the official program of the events within Matera 2019. more...

Visions from Europe

Twenty eight students will arrive in Matera, together with their professors from the most important schools of Photography all over Europe and will be able to carry out a research through the photographical mean in the broadest sense of the term: each student will make his own choice together with one professor and the support of the organization, this way creating his own original and unpublished project. Last entries:

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