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Evgeniya Dimitrova

Evgeniya Dimitrova

Evgeniya Dimitrova is from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She studied Cultural Studies in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She was drawn to photography in the second year of her studies, when she started attending “History of Photography” course in university. She was inspired by the stories told by her associated professor, who wanted to motivate students to find their own voice and style in photography.
After receiving her bachelor’s degree, Evgeniya delved into her photography practice. She started working in Plovdiv 2019 Foundation as project manager in the artistic team. This provided her with the opportunity to be part of different cultural events and create a lasting memory of them through her pictures. Her photographs can be found in Plovdiv 2019 website and social media pages.
Evgeniya is inspired by abstract photography, because it gives creative freedom and it changes the way people perceive the world. She tries to have more artistic approach towards photography and takes quick pictures of something unusual she had encountered in daily life.

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