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Dora Bosner

Dora Bosner

Dora Bosner (born 1998.) is at her second year of studies , at the department of Media Design, at the University North. Her interest and love for photography began at the beggining of her highschool education where she was an active member of a journalist group and a photographer for a school newspaper. Her first solo exibition was held in 2015. under a name Miris Ljeta (The scentl of summer). Since then, she has been a part of a few group exibitions. Most recently, her work has been a part of two exibitions in Koprivnica. The first one was a Student project and exibition Tijelo zene (Body of a woman) inspired by Pablo Neruda. The second, most recent one, was Kampus u kadru (Campus in the fame), an exhibition which was a product of a photography workshop held by a photogrpher Davor Konjikusic.

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