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Ester Šabíková

Ester Šabíková

Ester Šabíková was born in Slovakia in early 90‘s. At the moment she is studing Photography at master degree at Academy of Fine Arts and design in Bratislava. In 2017 she has won 3rd price at Slovak Press Photo Award with series called ‘‘Metamorphosis of Beauty‘‘ in the same year her other work was published in Cafébabel XYZ book. She has been selected for Family of no men cosmos 2018 taking place in Arles at Rencontres. In 2018 she spent studying one semester at Ecole Nationale Supèrieure Arles, France. In 2019 she was part of collective exhibition UTOPIA, taking place in Kvaka 22, Belgrade ,Serbia. She has her own atelier in Bratislava, where she is now working on her next project called ‘‘Back to Animism‘‘. Her main focuse is on light, time, energy, materiality, instalation, space, ritual and essence of photography.


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