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Georgios Eleftheriadis

Georgios Eleftheriadis

As a result of being raised in South Korea, Australia, Greece, and in the United States, Georgios Eleftheriadis (1995) has fallen in love with exploring the world and discovering new cultures. With the assistance of his DSLR, he hopes to travel to each and every corner of the globe and capture the essence of what it means to be human. Currently studying Finance and Communications at the American College of Greece, as well as Film Production and Photography through independent studies, he looks to further expand his knowledge through any means necessary. Filmmaking is a very important aspect of his life, and when he’s not participating in short film projects, he spend countless hours watching and analyzing films. Since the only way to truly learn is through practice, you will usually find him out and about with his camera, looking for the perfect opportunity to freeze a moment in time.

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