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Rúben Neves

Rúben Neves

Rúben Neves was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1979. He is now a University Professor in Lisbon, in School of Communication and Media Studies - - and a freelance videographer and photographer. He is graduated in Journalism and Post-Graduated in Audiovisual and Multimedia. He has been teaching video and photography since 2003 from script to pre-production, field shooting and post-production and he is commonly invited to lecture in some other Universities in Lisbon. In the past years he has been co-responsible for the management of visual projects that embrace the territory from the national landscape and heritage point of view: SOPHIA (2013-2015) - Landscape Museum - online project, work in progress (2017-2019) - He is also the host and co-manager of CINCLUS, the biggest Nature and Wildlife Imagery Festival in Portugal, since 2010. CINCLUS - Rúben has always been close to Documentary, Nature and Wildlife matters both as a videographer and as photographer. He is now finishing his PhD with a thesis concerned with visual citizenship and online photography.

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