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Samar Hazboun

Samar Hazboun

Samar Hazboun centers her main body of work around women’s rights, with a particular focus on the Middle East. Born in Jerusalem and raised in the West Bank, Hazboun first explored photography while pursuing a degree in International Relations in Prague. Her interest in political expression through art and her personal relationship with the Palestinian case has led her to successfully fuse subject matter and medium into a budding practice of photojournalism.
Hazboun’s career has developed hand-in-hand with her ability to reach out to those who have been marginalized by society. Through her projects she has persistently sought to engage an ever-broadening public with stories desperately in need of an audience. Hazboun currently works as Middle East and North Africa Photo Editor for Agence France Presse (AFP), she is a recipient of the Arab Documentary Photography Program grant by Magnum Foundation and AFAC, and the Culture in Defiance grant by the Prince Claus Fund, alongside an award by the Khalil Al-Sakakini centre for her Hush project. She currently splits her time living and working in Europe and Palestine.


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